Clients ♥ Xero

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In my last blog I talked about my top 5 reasons why I ♥ Xero, but that got me thinking about what clients and non-accountant Xero Users love about Xero. In my experience, these are the features they love best.

1. User Friendly

No accounting jargon; intuitive user interface

Clients really appreciate that Xero is so user friendly and easy to use, which is especially important for non-accountants. There is no accounting jargon; Xero uses easy to understand language.

2. Accessibility

All the data from any device, any time

The Xero mobile app means that clients can access the data from any device. So clients can work on the go, whether that be reconciling the bank, creating invoices or viewing reports.

3. Direct feeds from the bank

Xero connects to your bank and transactions flow in automatically on a daily basis.

Bank accounts can be reconciled regularly. Not only does this direct feed
reduce data entry and make the task of reconciliation easier, it means that the financial information in relation to the cash position in real time, so clients can better manage cashflow and make better informed decisions. This is on my top 5 list as well!

4. Easy invoicing – and getting paid faster!

Never miss an overdue invoice again

If you use Xero to produce quotes, these can be easily converted into invoices which saves on data entry. Alternatively, you can create a new invoice and email it to your customer. You can then track progress of this; see if they’ve opened it – and they can pay online. Since the financial data is in real time, the data on invoices due to be paid is up to date. Xero also
makes it easier to chase unpaid invoices by setting up automated invoice reminders to customers when invoices are overdue.

5. Add ons

Huge range of apps, fully integrated with Xero

As well as the basic financial package, Xero also offers expenses, projects and payroll options. Some packages include Hubdoc which integrates with Xero. Hubdoc takes away the hassle of dealing with receipts and invoices, reducing data entry and enabling a paperless office. In addition, there are more than 800 apps which work together with Xero to ensure that whatever your business sector there will be something out there which might help you get the job done more efficiently.

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